A powerful
social experience

"Happy@Work" is the most powerful and flexible solution to inspire your employee's to support each other wellbeing.

Give your company
a social dimension

Plug our "Happy@work" social network to your company and enable your employees to share their health and wellness experiences in order to inspire their colleagues.

Your employees can explore, follow, connect, participate, ask questions, and share multiple types of content with your company's community.

The right answers

When asking or reading a health and wellness related question, "Happy@Work" powerful AI suggests your employees the most relevant people.

Shorten the time and reduce your risks by improving your agility to tackle health related problems at their source.

Happiness Coaches

Our concept includes health and wellness coaches that offers support and guide your employees to build their unique healing journey according to their specific needs.

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Empower your
happiness influencers

Drive engagement within your employee's community through initiative gamification.

Incentivize and reward your employee's best happiness ambassadors accordingly to their positive influence by giving them access to special health & wellness experiences.

Supportive Burn-Out

Actively prevent your company burn-out risks by rewarding employee's initiatives to support their colleagues in the need.

Our tools helps you to initiate a global support movement within your workforce community.


Allow your employees to connect their own personal profile so they can share content from their private circle than can potentially benefit their colleagues.

Employees privately own their profiles so they don't loose their content when they move from or to another company.

Fully customizable

"Happy@Work" is a white label platform, designed to adapt your company brand, and engineered to integrate with your digital tools and apps.

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Comprehensive analytics & artificial intelligence

Measure and monitor the performance of your community with built-in analytics. Tracks metrics en employee's engagement at a granular level.

Everything you need

A cloud-based community platform solution for your employees.

Activity feed

Use the machine-learned activity feed to deliver a personalized content experience that continuously improves the experience.


Enable your employee to create groups within your community to operate their spaces, priority user groups, micro-interest groups, and everything in between.


Leverage badges, points, and leaderboard system to increase engagement.

Smart suggestions

We detect the most relevant health and wellness professionals to answer your employee's questions using AI.


Your community is secure with regulatory compliance like GDPR and data protection regulations.

Multiple content types

Allow your employees to write articles, ask questions, submit answers, participate in polls, post images and videos.

Content categorization

Categorize content and enable seamless knowledge discovery with topics.

Employee's profile

Member information, networking options, and all the community activities displayed beautifully.


Efficiently manages the community with our moderation tool and maintain the quality while scaling user growth.

Behavorial targeting

Track activity, employee's behavior, and create profiles to target members via contextual communication and increase conversions.


Create your community with the language of your choice. Select from a list of 25 different languages.

Single sign-on

Allow your users to log in to the community their with the existing set of credentials.

Custom design

Create a community that uniquely adopts your branding and business requirements.

Announcement banner

Showcase a prominent messages with calls to action on designated page or feed.

Public/private access

Build a public or private community and set your governance rules.

Notifications tools

Precisely target your employees with segmentation.

Privacy & Security

Your employee's trust and data security are vital for us.

Google Analytics

We offers free SSL to all our communities, and also allows custom SSL configuration.

GDPR Compliance

Build GDPR compliant communities with our in-built policy and guidelines tool.

Certified Hosting

We delivers 99.9% uptime and hosts communities with ISO and SOC II certified hosting provider.


We consistently conduct our application security audits by a third-party specialist.