your employees

Our mission is to inform and educate your employees about the potential and the benefits of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Meet with a personal coach

Identify the specific needs

Search for a therapist

Book a session and start

Let your employees the freedom to choose

Our wellbeing coaches are here to support your employees in the first step of their healing journey.

Your employees have the opportunity to choose from a selection of approved coaches on the platform: it can be ambassadors colleagues within the company or external health and wellness professional.

Identify the needs

Together with your employee, the coach will identify their specific needs and present them with a variety of solutions.

The coach will explain the benefits of each practice or program and support your employees in their decision process.

Find the best therapist

Once your employee made a decision on the type of solutions that seems to suits best their needs, the coach will help to find a therapist within our community.

Follow Up

The coach will remain at the disposal of the employees after the treatment if they wants to exchange about their experience or benefit from more guidance.